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    Beolin Plus became Papa’s clay !!!
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    Make your own world using our clays. Papa’s clay !!
    Save your memories from time..
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    SculpturePro Clay for Professionals.
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The Ultimate Tool for Aestethic Expression

About Us

Welcome to the internet presentation of PurPur technology, the biggest manufacturer of artistic materials in Serbia – for school and pre-school institutions – for amateurs and artists.

On these pages we will introduce you with unique world of aesthtetic possibilities and artistic expression which are possible thanks to our company.

Everything we do – since the birth of an idea, including technological development, testing and co-work with artists – is done with heart. We hope that you will enjoy in using our products as much as we have enjoyed in making them.

PurPur tehnology was founded at year 1997 and since has become leading producer of moulding masses and modelling clays in this part of Europe. The idea was to make full ecological product, non toxic – and therefore adequate for all ages and applications. Especially for school and preschool children. This resulted in creation of a new unique concept of new polimer clay, which opened the path towards forming whole pallete of products which can be used in Art as well, as dedicated help in education. Our products can find implementation in a very wide range of jobs, from art and hobbies to education promotion and construction. With constant development of our technology we are increasing our production of moulding masses as well as all other products, constantly expanding our market.

Our product Beolin Plus became Papa’s clay.
What is Papa’s clay??


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