Beolin Plus Beolin Plus
Beolin Plus Beolin Plus
Beolin Plus Beolin Plus
Beolin Plus Beolin Plus
Beolin Plus Beolin Plus
Beolin Plus Beolin Plus

POLYMER CLAY is a polymer moulding mass, whose characteristics exceed all well known materials of this kind, such as clay, modelling clay, etc. Modeled objects can be hardened without changing its shape or dimensions, simply by baking. Polymer Clay softens very quickly in your hands and it becomes suitable for modeling. Hardened figures can be further shaped by a chisel, scalpel, file or a sandpaper. Hardened figure can be boiled or baked many times, in case that we want to add more material to it.

Beolin Plus is available in individual color packs of 75g and 250g. No shipping limit per carton

Available in selected colors

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A sheet of glass is an ideal surface to work on, since it can be put in the oven together with the model.You can use a wide variety of tools to shape Beolin,such as: spatulas, rolling-pins, knives etc. Any desired colour shade or special effect can be achieved by kneading together various colours. Wood, polystyrene, wire support can be used as base materials.


Any home oven is suitable for hardening Beolin. Preheat the oven at 130 °C/265° F .Depending on the size of the model and the thickness of the walls ,the hardening process takes approx. 10-15 minutes.After hardening you and ad fresh modeling material and re-hardnened the object very easily.


Store Beolin covered by aluminium foil or in PE bags at room temperature. BeolIn must not come into contact with polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride or Styrofoam.


For children over 8 years only. For use under adult supervision.


Read instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.

First aid information

In case of accidental overheating and inhalation of poisonous gases: Remove person to fresh air and seek immediate medical advice. In case of doubt, seek medical advice without delay. Take the chemical and/or product together with the container with you. In case of injury, always seek medical advice.

Advice for adult supervision

Read and follow these instructions ,the safety rules and the first aid information and keep them for reference.

Safety rules

Keep younger children under the specified age limit and animals away from the activity area. Store chemical toys out of reach of young children. Wash hands after carrying out activities. Clean all equipment after use. Do not use any equipment which has not been supplied with the set or recommended in the instructions for use. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the activity area. Do not place the material in the mouth. Do not exceed a temperature of 130 °C/265° F or harmful gases may be produced. Do not exceed a hardening time of 30 min. The hardening process is not part of the function of the toy and should be carried out by the supervising adult. Use a domestic oven thermometer, e.g. bimetal, to measure the temperature. Do not use a glass thermometer. Do not use a microwave oven.


Used Beolin can be disposed with the normal refuse.

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Polymer Clay 75gr

Polymer Clay 75gr

Polymer Clay 250gr

Polymer Clay 250gr

Beolin Plus Display 24 pcs / 75gr

Beolin Plus 30 pcs

Make your own display with your color combination. If you buy a whole display, you get two pcs. of beolin plus for free.

  • Multi-color 19.00 €

Beolin Plus School Pack 200gr 6 colors

Beolin Plus School Pack 200gr 6 colors

  • Multi-color 2.00 €

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